Trusting and believing in our biggest asset

At Coates, we are always ready to welcome passionate and driven individuals with open arms. As an environment fostering constant learning and growth, we proudly place value on every voice and every idea. We hope to not only provide you with opportunity, but continuous support to bring out your full potential. We promise you with challenging experiences, invaluable relationships and unwavering encouragement.

Why work at Coates?

One Team

At Coates, you’ll discover a collaborative environment like no other. We value difference and believe knowledge sharing is what fuels our continuous strive towards learning and growth.

Coates Culture

We take great pride in the strong company culture that we have created here at Coates. Whether it be team events or recreational sports, we never miss an opportunity to kick back with the Crew!

Our Experience

With a rich history of over 50 years, Coates provides invaluable insight into a workplace environment. Every task, every mistake and every achievement acts as a step towards gaining irreplaceable experience.

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Rewarding careers from all over the globe

Working at Coates has changed the way I view 'work'. Each day is met with an unforeseen challenge. Each day is ended with a greater sense of purpose. What makes Coates exceptional is the leadership - they are transparent, honest, enabling, supportive and genuine. I have never been prouder to work for a company.

Megan O'BrienProject Lead, Chicago

Coates taught me what it is to have support in the workplace. Support isn't a pat on the back, or praise, but it's the backing that everyone will carry out their job to the best of their ability. It is this culture that allows our crew to set ambitious goals and make bold achievements.

Christopher HayesProject Co-ordinator, Sydney

Joining Coates has been one of the greatest decisions I have made for my career. At Coates every team member plays a valuable role in ensuring we deliver excellent solutions. We are all part of a team striving to reach a goal and no one has to do it alone.

Julie MerlinOffice Manager & PA, Dubai

It's rare to find a job where you look forward to going into work every day. Coates follows through with not only great balance and flexibility of life, but recognizes and appreciates for a job well done. I would say my favorite part of Coates is the mentality to work hard and play hard!

Tracy WasinskiSales Co-ordinator, Chicago

My last two years at Coates have had a massive impact on both my personal and professional growth. Working everyday with like-minded, career focused individuals only make me want to work harder and strive for more. Opportunities are endless here and management are always willing to invest in making Coates a place to grow and learn!

Ebony O'BrienProject Manager, Sydney

Coates is a small but beautiful company. Although everyone is busy, they are full of encouragement and patience for each other. I am deeply impacted by everything and everyone here. I wish to work and grow with Coates for as long as possible.

Joe HuSenior Digital Operations Manager

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