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55 Year of Coates

Last year was one like no other for Coates Group. Not only did we celebrate 55 years of the business, but also our CEO Leo Coates’ 10th year of ownership. There is no better way to truly commemorate these moments but with the Coates Crew. S…

RMHC Events 2018

We guarantee you Coates Group won’t miss a chance to dance the night away, especially if it’s with our favourite charity, RMHC. We are always grateful and honoured to be given the opportunity to sponsor and attend the amazing RMHC Gala Ball…

Sydney Team Event 2018

Last Friday, the Sydney Coates Crew branched out from their average day at the office for the most anticipated event of the year, the Annual Team Event. The Sydney Coates Crew were randomly separated into teams and, to keep our traditions s…

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