With International Women’s Day fast approaching later in the week, Coates Group took this opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and effort of our beautiful ladies. It hasn’t been too long since there was only a single female employee in our entire business, but now our ladies have proudly grown to become a significantly greater percentage across our global office.

Before you scroll down to see the amazing  photos of all our ladies, here are some facts on International Women’s Day:

  1. Australia’s first International Women’s Day was held in 1928 in Sydney.
  2. The campaign theme for International Women’s Day in 2019 was #BalanceforBetter.
  3. No country in the world has yet to achieve gender equality.

For more information on International Women’s Day, click HERE.


We are proud to have such a big team of women at our Sydney Headquarters. It wasn’t too long ago when there was only one female employee!


This is our beautiful team of women from our US headquarters. We are always grateful for their passion and drive in all that they do!


We are always grateful for our amazing women and all their hard work from the China office.


Our lovely ladies in Japan celebrated International Women’s Day with a delicious lunch.


Julie, from our Dubai Team has an amazing way with words.


From our France office, Hannane is extremely talented, being fluent in over four languages.


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